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X Purge compound


X PURGE GX168 and EX20T are both highly efficient purging compound which provides fast and effective material change and contaminant removal without the need to disassemble equipment. This reduces the chance of defects during production and downtime – increasing productivity.

X PURGE GX168 contains various additives for purging and cleaning plastic/polymer processing machines. This compound also contains a foamable ingredient which helps to clean hard-to-reach negative flow areas and has been designed for a wide range of production environments including blow moulding, sheet casting, profile extrusion, single screw extruder and twin screw extruder machinery.

X PURGE EX20T is high heat stability grade. This integrated polymer system was developed for purging at high temperature safely with low odor, perfectly suited for injection molding including cool & hot runner and extrusion machines.

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General X Purge product brochure

Safety Data Sheet EX20T

Product technical datasheet XPurge EX20T

Products safety data sheet GX168

Product technical datasheet XPurge GX168

Guidelines for blown film extrusion machine

Guidelines for extrusion sheet machine

How to use X Purge

Reduce waste

Reduce waste during material or colour changing process and minimize defects in finished products.

Reduce downtime

Reduce production downtime taken up by disassembling production machinery.

Protect equipment

Protect production machinery from rust and exposure to dust during production changes and cleaning.

Reduce defects and downtime.

X PURGE GX168 contains various additives for purging and cleaning polymer processing machines.

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