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TPV is the new material which has bridged the gap between plastics and rubber. Increasingly designers are turning to TPV as their material of choice.

TPV, also known by its full name of Thermoplastic Vulcanisate, is a form of rubber which has been vulcanised during the compounding process. This means that the polymers are converted into more durable materials through the introduction of crosslinks.

The structure of the initial rubber has changed to create a more durable and useful materials

    • Wiring connectors to make watertight seals with electrical and thermal resistance
    • Insulation for high voltage applications
    • Flexibility even at low temperatures
    • The material is extremely durable.
    • The durability of the material improves its recovery to any deformation.
    • Low impact to the product from aggressive components of outdoor exposure.
    • High resistance to specific solvents, fats and oils.
    • High thermal resistance
    • Vulcanization
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