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Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP)

Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP)

A superabsorbent polymer (SAP) is a water-absorbing polymer that can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of a liquid relative to its own mass. Water-absorbing polymers, which are classified as hydrogels when mixed, absorb aqueous solutions through hydrogen bonding with water molecules. A SAP’s ability to absorb water depends on the ionic concentration of the aqueous solution.

    • Control of spill and waste aqueous fluid
    • Personal disposable hygiene products
    • Baby diapers
    • Adult diapers
    • Feminine care products
    • Nursing pads
    • Pet sheets
    • Meat pads
    • Refrigerants
    • Safe for use in absorbent hygiene products
    • Reduces leakage
    • Large swelling capabilities
    • Suspension polymerization
    • Solution polymerizations
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