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SAP for Agricultural Industry

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) for Agriculture

Super Absorbent Polymers, also known as SAP, hydrogel, absorbent polymers, absorbent gels, super soakers, super slurpers, water gel, is a new type of macro molecular synthetic water absorbing polymer material. It has a water uptake potential as high as 100,000% of its own weight in a short period of time by osmosis and form granules in soil to enhance soil properties.

SAPs are generally white sugar-like hygroscopic materials that swell in water to form a clear gel made of separate individual particles and can retain moisture even under pressure without risk of conflagration or rupturing/blasting

    • Agriculture
    • Forestry
    • Industrial planting
    • Municipal gardening
    • Drought management
    • Water conservation
    • It helps reduce soil erosion by surface run-offs
    • Fertilizer
    • Pesticide leaching to ground water
    • High absorption capacity in saline and hard water conditions
    • Optimized absorbency under load (AUL)
    • Lowest soluble content and residual monomer
    • Low price
    • High durability and stability in the swelling environment and during storage
    • Gradual biodegradability without formation of toxic species
    • pH‐neutrality after swelling in water
    • Photostability
    • Re‐wetting capability
    • Cyclic process
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