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Rheology modifiers

Rheology Modifiers

Rheology modifiers are sometimes referred to as thickeners or viscosity modifiers but they do much more than just thicken a formulation. Therefore rheology modifiers can prevent sedimentation during transport and storage, but allow the product to flow when they need to be poured or pumped during application.

The aging properties of asphalt binders are normally characterized by measuring physical and rheological properties (e.g. softening point, penetration, viscosity and complex modulus) before and after artificial aging in the laboratory.

    • Broad range of rheology profiles
    • Highly efficient across many resin types
    • pH independent (PUR / PE)
    • Improved wash and scrub resistance
    • Low impact on water uptake
    • Low impact on water whitening
    • Excellent leveling
    • Reduced spattering
    • Reduce dripping and spattering of paints during roller or brush application.
    • Sag resistance is improved by a rapid but controlled viscosity increase after application.
    • They also reliably prevent sedimentation of pigments during transport and storage of the paints
    • Heat Solution
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