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Introducing XPurge purging compound for PTT

Advanced Polymers is the distributor of the new XPurge purging compound for PTT. Below is a link to watch an introductory video showcasing the compound capabilities as well as a link to download the technical datasheet and brochure.

X PURGE GX168 and EX20T are both highly efficient purging compounds which provide fast and effective material change and contaminant removal without the need to disassemble equipment. This reduces the chance of defects during production and downtime – increasing productivity.

Reduce defects and downtime.

X PURGE GX168 contains various additives for purging and cleaning polymer processing machines.

Reduce waste

Reduce waste during material or colour changing process and minimize defects in finished products.

Reduce downtime

Reduce production downtime taken up by disassembling production machinery.

Protect equipment

Protect production machinery from rust and exposure to dust during production changes and cleaning.

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