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PBR (Polybutadiene butadiene rubber)

Material description

Polybutadiene rubber accounted for about a quarter of total global consumption of synthetic rubbers in 2012. it is also used to manufacture golf balls, various elastic objects and to coat or encapsulate electronic assemblies, offering high electrical resistivity.

The IUPAC refers to polybutadiene as poly (buta-1,3-diene).

Buna rubber is a term used to describe an early generation of synthetic polybutadiene rubber produced in Germany by Bayer using sodium as a catalyst.

    • inner tube of hoses for sandblasting,
    • along with natural rubber,
    • to increase resilience
    • excellent abrasion resistance (good tread wear)
    • low hysteresis loss
    • high elasticity
    • low rolling resistance
    • Emulsion

Braskem Green HDPE or Green Polyethylene

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