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Material description

HDPE is lightweight and strong making it a versatile material used in everything from hard hats to containers and plastic bottles. It’s also widely recycled, in both its rigid form and flexible form.

Technical data sheets

Supplier | Emeraude

Innoplus® HDPE




HDPE 3000C

Excellent organoleptic properties used in closure applications

HDPE 2308J

Injection Moulding for closures and crates – 6 MFI

HDPE 6600B

Blow Moulding Small to Medium size bottles eg. Personal care, Cosmetic containers, Detergent and Lubricant oil containers

HDPE 6200B

Blow Moulding Small to Medium size bottles

HDPE 7000F

Suitable for producing general purpose packaging films in a wide range of size and thickness. Shopping bags, T-Shirt bags, Bags on roll, Garbage bags, Re-sealable bags, sanitary bags,
Plastic gloves

HDPE 8000F

Is suitable for wide film and heavy duty applications. Liner films, Industrial films, Garbage bags, Plastic Sheets and Table clothes.

HDPE 5000S

Recommended for monofilament or yarn applications; Rope, Fishing net, Agricultural net, Tarpaulin, Woven sack

HDPE 7200B

Recommended for 20-120 litre drums. Hazardous chemical drums, Agricultural chemical drums.

HDPE 7000H

It is suitable to produce not only truck-bed liner from sheet extrusion and thermoforming
process but also automotive fuel tanks from blow molding process. Truck-bed liner, Automotive fuel tank

HDPE 8200B

Recommended for 20-200 litre drums. It has excellent processability and exhibits very high impact strength, stiffness and superior environment stress crack resistance.

Supplier | Daelim





HDPE 5502

Small & medium bottle ( Food, Detergent, Bleach, Cosmetic, Shampoo etc. )


Application uses : 220ℓ large drum and Chemical drum Blow Pallet

Supplier | Hyosung





Topilene R301

Polypropylene random copolymer that features excellent transparency and high melt tension

Topilene R801

Polypropylene random copolymer that features excellent transparency and high flowability

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