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Foundry Additives

Foundry Additives (Carbofen Gold)

Our foundry additive is Carbofen Gold, which is derived from a natural resin that has been especially modified to form an emulsifier that can be used to produce high quality anionic bitumen emulsions. The resin is obtained from a special resinous part of the Araucaria angustifolia, also known as the Parana Pine. In addition, Carbofen Gold has a chemical composition similar to the oxidized gum rosin and performs well in waterproofing products, roofing, sealants, adhesives, coatings, et

Since Carbofen Gold is a natural resin, our product is a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice for companies that wish to maintain the quality of their products while also investing in planet Earth’s future.

    • Slurry seal
    • Tack coats
    • Base stabilization
    • Soil stabilization
    • Bituminous waterproofing
    • Roofing applications
    • Improves strength, plasticity and freeze-thaw
      resistance of cement, which avoids shrinkage cracking
    • Better workability and use of less mixing water
    • Grants concrete better resistance to sulfate and chloride
    • It does not provoke volume changes in concrete;
    • Good stability of viscosity
    • Easy preparation of the admixture.
    • Increases de longevity of structures made with it
    • Used as an admixture
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