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Water has become an incredibly scarce resource. With fire season approaching, it is important to be equipped with the necessary material to protect your homes and land from fire damage.

FIREBLOCK is an innovative fire protection solution, developed to extinguish fires, create fire break lines and protect properties.

Product can be used on grass , buildings , trees and  brush etc…

FIREBLOCK is supplied in powder form (1.25 kg resealable bags). The powder is then mixed with water as per the instructions on the packaging, until a reaction occurs, and a consistency similar to a gel-like substance is achieved.

FIREBLOCK creates a solution that is 180% more effective than water and can completely eliminate any Class A fire.

FIREBLOCK can provide thermal protection from fire for extended periods, depending on fire conditions and thickness sprayed. The period of protection can range from 6-36 hours, depending on the thickness sprayed, as well as environmental factors like sunshine and rain.


What makes Fireblock such a unique and effective product you might ask?


  • It is one of very few products that address all three of the legs of the fire triangle
    • It cuts off the oxygen via the gel layer it forms
    • It takes away the heat via osmosis
    • It seals off the fuel from existing fires via the gel layer
  • Water has a flash point of 100 degrees C
  • Fireblock has a flash point of 1500 degrees

The Fireblock range of products are non-toxic, with a neutral Ph of 7, which means it is not harmful to the environment, animals, humans, or machinery.

It has a stable mix life and will not rot, clump, or become unusable in its gel form and can be stored in its mixed for extended periods, ready to use any time.

Fireblock is used by several Fire Protection Associations, forestry entities, and fire departments across the country.

Over the last 12 months in excess of 100 000 litres of the gel has been sprayed across the country.

Fireblock is available to purchase via their distributor Advanced Polymers Group who has also made same available on Takealot and select stockists listed on the website. You can find them on their official websites, Facebook , Youtube or Instagram under Fireblock AGRI.



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