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Technical analysis

If you are working on a new project or dissatisfied with the performance of your existing polymer and/or supplier we offer the following services:

– Full analysis of your needs, expectations, test methods and pricing
– We will prepare a proposal detailing the process going forward

Once we get a commitment to use our material on condition we meet the agreed performance and price targets we will:

  • Airfreight samples
  • Supervise machine trials
  • Make recommendations on machine sizing and setting
  • Make recommendations on mould design changes
  • Test sample locally and internationally in terms of stress and mould performance
  • Use the expertise of our international test centres
  • Mould flow analysis
  • Review results from your product trials
  • Adjust polymer grade where necessary
  • Work with the modular and end customer until the product has achieved the target performance levels

In most cases we would work with both the moulder and end customer for at least a 6 month period. We provide regular written feedback and reports. On condition that the polymer grade is purchased from us, all of these services are provided at no extra cost, and in all of our past case histories our pricing has been more competitive in achieving quality and cost improvement for our customers.

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Our suppliers

We have developed long standing relationships with our international polymer suppliers.
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