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Executive team

Our executive team

Over 80 years of combined technical experience.

Brad Jay (CA) SA

Executive Chairman

Brad Jay is the Executive Chairman of Advanced Polymers and joined the Business in 2002. Brad has had significant experience in growing and developing entrepreneurial businesses and has previously acted as Managing Director of a number of companies in the Travel Industry.

Les Whittal

Managing Director

Les Whittal is the Managing Director of Advanced Polymers and has worked in the polymers industry since 1990 in marketing and sales. Les has been with Advanced Polymers since 2003 as a shareholder and is responsible for much of the company’s growth.

Reanne Fourie (CA) SA

Financial Director

Reanne Fourie is our Financial Director and is involved in the day-to-day management of all financial and commercial aspects as well as the strategic direction of the business. With Financial Management experience in Rail and Compressed Air sectors, Reanne is responsible for implementing and improving the financial systems, strategies and performance of the company.

Darius Agenbag

Sales & Technical Director (Gauteng)

Darius Agenbag joined Advanced Polymers in July 2007 as a director and shareholder and has worked in the plastics industry since 1992. Darius is responsible for sales and technical support in Gauteng. Cell: 27 (82) 802 7135

Rod Lowe

Sales & Technical Director (W. Cape)

Rod Lowe has worked in the polymers industry since 1986 both within Advanced Polymers and other Polymer Distributors. Rod is a Shareholder at Advanced Polymers. He has a technical diploma in Civil Engineering and is responsible for the Cape Town and Eastern Cape market. Cell: +27 (82) 888 0729

Albert Pretorius

Sales & Technical (KZN)

Cell: +27 (82) 907 6696

Clinton McIlroy

Sales & Development Director

Clinton Mcilroy has worked in the polymer industry since 1997. He joined Advanced Polymers in 2003 and is responsible for sales and new product developments. Cell: +27 (71) 136 8359

Our suppliers

We have developed long standing relationships with our international polymer suppliers.
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